1. Do Hard Times Darken Your Days?

    By Coleen Ball October 17, 2017 Alone, Cross Leave A Comment

    Do Hard Times Darken Your Days?

    No Time to Grieve Between the fires and floods and hurricanes and earthquakes, there is so much to worry about and everything to pray for.  Or, maybe you lost your job, or you’re struggling with the loss of a loved one in your family. Perhaps you feel like nothing good in life can come your read more »

  2. The Meaning of the Cross Unfolds

    By Coleen Ball May 22, 2010 broken trinity, car cross Leave A Comment

    “Everything comes back to the cross, “ she says. “Because Jesus was crucified for something he didn’t do, and accepted his suffering with such dignity and grace, through our own lives we can meditate on that teaching and it will guide us through all of life.”