My Soul on the Path, El Camino de Santiago

By Coleen Ball June 28, 2011 broken trinity, car cross Leave A Comment

I have several guides in my life, and to each of them I am grateful. They create the peace that fills my heart and grounds my heels when my head is going in a thousand directions.

My dear friend Mauricio is one of those.  He’s the kind of person that makes you feel beautiful on the inside even when you are having a bad hair day.  BTW:  he’s my hair stylist.  He’s also the one that told me about the El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage—the journey that I will take as St. James did, with the clothes on my back, my soul in my body, my heart on the path, and only what I need in the moment.

You never know when God will put a guide in your life but I believe they are everywhere.  Mauricio is certainly one of them.  Even though we see each other only every eight weeks, Mauricio knows me.  For 45 minutes, he is a skilled master who makes me feel like a new person, both with his art and with his words.

The transition from salon chair to Spain happened during such a 45-minute visit.  As I sat, I told Mauricio that I was considering a big golfing trip, but that it sounded quite lonely and that I wasn’t certain if golf would fix my broken heart.  To my surprise, Mauricio said, “Coleen, what you really need is a Pilgrimage.  You need to consider  El Camino de Santiago: The Way of St. James, in Spain.”  Mauricio, who’s from Brazil, speaks with a heavy accent so no matter what he says or suggests it always sounds perfect.  He said that it’s time for me to leave everything else behind and be in prayer.  That God would put me in the perfect place at the perfect time, and regardless of my present challenges, there was a bigger plan at work than I could ever imagine.

The planning for this trip began within three days of that conversation.  Yes, the Internet helped, but so did connecting to friends of friends who have walked this before me.  The synchronicity was astounding and splendid, letting me know that, like St. James, I was on the right path.

With that, I welcome you to my journey and to whatever unfolds.

Carrying Your Prayer With Me…

If you would like me to carry a prayer for you or someone you know on my journey, please click hereto learn more about having your prayer delivered.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, my 500-mile pilgrimage can be our journey of human connection and community.  I would be honored and proud to take you with me.  Join the journey today on the Trinity Cross Facebook Fan Page

We are each others’ guides, and I am most grateful for the direction and comfort that my connection to you provides me.

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