My soul on the path. Living the now.

By Coleen Ball July 12, 2011 broken trinity, car cross Leave A Comment

The Camino forces the pilgrim into the present moment. There is really no place to go. I can’t remember where I slept last night or what was the name of my last city. In part because I’m sleeping in a different location every night. The Camino forces you into the present because there is nowhere else to go.

My teenagers are about to become young drivers. They often tease my about how often I seem to be lost and must make u-turns. On one uncomfortable day, they counted 17 u-turns. I struggled to understand what could create such a cognitive disturbance. And then I realized it happens when I live in the past or in the future and not in the present.

Just when I promised I wouldn’t let it happen again, it did. In a panic, I said, “Brian, what am I going to do? This is ridiculous. I can’t even get you to school.” He offered his sage advice: “Do what I do. Have only one thought in your mind.”

Children live in the now. They stay in the present. Today on the Camino, I am in the present.

Coleen on the Camino click here.

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