My Son, The Inspirational Entrepreneur!

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Brian survived his cardiac arrest the lack of oxygen robbed him of the ability to fully use his body.  His mind is perfect, yet he’s trapped in a body that limits his movements.  It’s painful to watch, and everyday I am looking for a miracles and hold on to hope.

Despite all of the difficulties that Brian has to go through from day to day, he is a thriving 13-year old growing into a young man.  He wants to step into the world in his own, unique way and on his own terms… just like all of us.

Brian helps raise money for charities through a business that he’s set up called My Paws 4 You. He built a website, printed uniforms for his business with the help of our friends from Anton Sports, and offers dog sitting services for a small fee which then gets donated to the charity of his choice.  He even created his own business cards.  He has a true entrepreneur’s spirit (I like to think he gets that from me)!

Brain’s first word was “Happy”, and he has been able to share that joy with everyone in the family.  While he spear headed this project, all of his siblings were involved.  He paid Peter $5.00 for taking care of the dog and the other $5.00 he saved for Phoenix Children’ s Hospital.  Until he saved enough money to buy a snow cone machine for the 4th floor.  Brian quickly caught on, that he can help others by serving – small steps can serve a larger purpose!

Check out Brian’s website and sign his guest book:

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