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By Coleen Ball July 6, 2011 broken trinity, car cross Leave A Comment

I’m guilty of running errands while the kids are in the car. When they were young it was the unloading of a stroller and unhooking the carseats.  It was also about finding a parking spot so I wouldn’t scrape another car while maneuvering the kid’s gear.

Today, the envy difference is in the special parking lot spot within the placard that holds the blue tag.  It was an odd feeling the day that envelope arrived. I wasn’t prepared for the permanent handicap tag for Brian. I truly believed that the lack of mobility would be only temporary.  It’s always about perspective…

Just before departing on this pilgrimage, I had one of those days. I pulled into our handicap spot and Brian asked to stay in the car. I ran inside to the Fedex store to ship a package.  Brian noticed the homeless gentlemen that frequently sits outside this store. He watched the man asking strangers for money and everyone saying that they had none. Brian looked through the car only to find his rice crispy treats. When I returned, Brian asked me for his walker.

When he made his way to the homeless man, he reached out to give him the food. The gentleman said, “No, please, you keep this.” And Brian said, ” It made me sad when people walked by you as if they didn’t see you. Sometimes, I feel invisible too.”

On that grace-filled moment, I learned that perspective is a precious
gift.  Love you, b.

As I begin my journey on El Camino de Santiago filled with reflections,

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