What People Love About The Trinity Cross

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The Trinity Cross Collection is Touching Hearts …

5-star-rating Very Pretty and Unique

“I wasn’t real sure if I would like this but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. I love crosses and this is different & unique. Perfect size and at a great price too.”

5-star-rating Just Very Special

“This is very pretty and unique cross. Bought it for my 20 year old niece for Christmas who is very “artsy” and creative. She loved it. You can also attach so many meanings to this cross. Just very special.”


5-star-rating 5 Stars For Sure!

“I received this necklace in the mail today and I am so pleasantly surprised at the beauty. I highly recommend this as a gift or for yourself. Great value! Beautiful shine and such an inspirational piece of jewelry. 5 stars for sure!”

5-star-rating What a great work of ART!!!

“I got this beautiful cross pendant as a gift and I love it. I like it’s unique artistic design and quality. This cross would make a great Christmas gift for anyone.”

Posted by kshop54

5-star-rating Perfect gift idea!!

“What a perfect Christmas gift! I am giving this Trinity Cross to each of my two daughters for a personal and meaningful Christmas gift. Three individual “puzzle” pieces combine to make the whole, which describes the relationship I share with my two daughters. Each of us is a part of the other and together we are united and made whole in Christ. Thank you for offering this beautiful and sentimental gift idea.”

Posted by NatyKay 11-16-11

5-star-rating I Love It!!!

“I was given this trinity cross as a gift and I wear it everyday because people noticed it and always ask to see it and then want to touch it. They are curious as to how it “works.” I use that opportunity as a invitation to start a conversation about my faith. I like this trinity cross so much that I gave one to my sister and another to my daughter. I never take it off. I even shower with it. It is very sturdy and doesn’t change colors. It looks as new and shiny as the day I received it!”
Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes

Posted by TeachingIsMyPassion

5-star-rating Jacqueline Kennedy

“Like Jacqueline Kennedy, I too, have a collection of crosses — certainly not as extensive and expensive as the First Lady, but this one is by far and away, my favorite and I would not be at all surprised if she would have agreed! I always get compliments and inquires (as to where it can be purchased) when I wear this jewelry as an expression of my faith. What makes this cross pendant so unique and special is the creative design — three in one, which for me is the representation of the trinity and unity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The look, the feel, and the harmony when it “chimes” is what I find most appealing. The two friends to whom I gifted this cross were elated! My neighbor’s daughter plans to give each bridesmaid a Trinity Cross. And, of course, I will be buying more to give during the Christmas season. I am happy with the silver cross and wondering if there are plans to make it two-toned gold and silver? I hope so!”

Posted by teahingismypassion

5-star-rating Everyday Cross

“I really love this cross. It’s slightly more of a sleek, modern style than my usual, and it really stands out beautifully. Mine is definitely shiny and bright, including the chain. The silver isn’t a bright white silver, but it works well with the style of the cross. The middle piece of the cross has an effect that almost looks diamond cut, and contrasts nicely with the straight, modern style of the two sides. It’s a perfect size for an every day cross to wear, not a stylized fashion pendant. It has a nice weight to it, it stays in place. The “Trinity” motif gives it special meaning of course too. It’s a nice reminder. I was looking for a new cross for a while and I’m really glad that I decided to check this one out. I’d highly recommend.”

Posted by Aqua2711

5-star-rating Inspirational and beautiful!

“While I have other crosses, I have none quite as unique as this one. I know it will have many meanings for many people.”

Posted by Anonymous 

5-star-rating Unique …one of a kind

“Received my necklace and put it on immediately. Beautiful and inspirational. The way the cross separates into individual pieces and comes back together is so unique. A true symbol of my life and my faith.”

Posted by Ticos Mom 

5-star-rating Unique

“What made me purchase this is the unique way it is made. I didn’t realize that it had three pieces when it first saw it on the TV. I’ve never see anything like it. I have a Diamonque cross, which I have worn for years, but this one will have so much more meaning for the way it is made.”

Posted by pr46 02-27-11 

5-star-rating Gorgeous!

“Love this cross and the unique design of the cross being in three pieces. Feels very comfortable on; I wear it 24/7 and have no problems with it.”
Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes
Who would this be a perfect gift for? Best Friends

Posted by Anonymous 02-24-11 

5-star-rating Love this Cross!

“I ordered two Trinity Cross Pendants as gifts for my dear friends of Faith who are going through hard times. The pendants arrived within two days, and were absolutely perfect! Both friends wear them all the time now as a reminder that with God, all things are possible, and that this too shall pass. It touches my heart knowing that they will always have the pendant as a reminder of how they overcame the adversity in their lives. Beautiful necklace, love, love, love it!”
Would you recommend this product as a gift? Yes
Who would this be a perfect gift for? Moms

Posted by zabilski 02-23-11 

5-star-rating Sweet Little Necklace

“I purchased 4 of these crosses for gifts for friends and family. Everyone who sees them comments on how beautiful and unique they are! The perfect gift for a daughter, mother, sister or friend. They will all cherish the cross as my daughter, mother, and friend have! Great value!”

Posted by sweethawk 02-16-11

5-star-rating It’s Great

“I think this necklace is great. Very unique way to display my faith.”

Posted by gfeorgia 01-10-11 

5-star-rating Overall Rating

“I received this cross while I was in the hospital, I was very excited when my daughter brought it in to me, and I put in on immediately. The symbol of the trinity and the way it is designed is very meaningful to me, as I wear it as a symbol of my faith.

Posted by bayaredreams