Introducing The Trinity Collection

Creating the Trinity Cross Collection as a faith based jewelry line has been a journey among journeys. I was inspired by a string of synchronistic events that literally led me to the Cross. Now with abundant joy, I introduce the newest line, the Trinity Collection. Each piece represents our strength and devotion. Like the Trinity Cross, each symbol opens into three separate pieces, creating a soft whisper to remind you of your strength and the grace that lives within you.


I have found throughout life that your faith and grace can never be taken away. A symbol of your strength, however, can stand as a reminder to yourself and others; being a representation on the outside sharing what also lives within. It’s a voyage, a choice and an offering all at once.

Each of us at one point has had a storm we’ve endured. Whether it is internally or externally, it’s a moment when life changes in an instant. It is in that silence that we find our strength. It is when we are quiet, do we hear the drive that is in our core. It is in that whisper that we find the strength and grace we need to take the next step. Listen and build your Collection as you break through the storms, stronger and becoming deeply connected to the voice within.