The Inspiration Behind The Trinity Cross Collection

April 6th, 2008 was a Sunday, a day I will never forget.

brian-icuMy son Brian, and his brother Charlie, biked to a nearby grocery store to pick up some supplies for our family dinner. The dinner was to celebrate Charlie’s birthday, and Brian was especially excited to participate in the preparation of the meal. The boys had a great time shopping and called several times to make sure they had exactly what was needed.

On the way home a series of events coincided that changed our lives in an instant. The boys ran into some kids that teased Brian, who then got upset and started to ride home. Tragically, Brian collapsed from a heart attack, due to an undetected heart condition, and fell from his bike. For several minutes, his heart stopped and so did his breathing. He was flown by helicopter to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This life-changing accident, for Brian and our family, marked the beginning of a year that will be forever imprinted upon our hearts and memories.

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It is during this treacherous, yet blessed journey that seeds of the Trinity Cross Collection began. And, it is through my loving family, friends and colleagues, the encouragement I received from my sons, and my own faith, that Trinity Cross came to fruition.

The Trinity Cross Collection embodies faith, hope and love.

A New Journey: The Way of St. James

brian-coleenAs part of my spiritual journey I share my own personal story of how faith made me strong in my weakest moments. When I completed The Way of St. James, the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 700 Kl (500 miles) pilgrimage across Northern Spain, I realized that sharing the gift of Hope, is an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate faith. After experiencing the El Camino de Santiago I completed another pilgrimage to celebrate my Christian Heritage, Lough Derg, the Sanctuary of St Patrick. I’m not certain where I will walk on my next journey, but if you would like to request a prayer, or submit a petition or intention for inclusion in my prayers with the pilgrims, it would be my honor.