Cross Jewelry — A Symbol Of Devotion

By Coleen Ball August 6, 2010 broken trinity, car cross Leave A Comment

Creating the Trinity Cross as a faith based jewelry piece has been a journey among journeys.  I was inspired to create the piece because of a string of synchronistic events that literally led me to the piece.

Because the Trinity Cross came into my life at the most perfect moment, and because this has happened to many others who wear it, I know that there is something mystical that lives inside the symbol of the Cross.

There is a rich history that tells the tale of faith based jewelry pieces.  Thousands of years ago when Christians were being persecuted for their beliefs, the Roman Empire used a person’s jewelry to identify them.  A Cross, a Rosary or a Fish meant that you would be singled out and tortured, even killed.  And so, like any tale of a martyr, the jewelry became a symbol of strength and devotion as well.  I believe that this devotion lives on through to today.

Even my dear friend, Sister Mary Beth Lloyd says that the one belonging that she has had all these years is the cross she wears.  It symbolizes all of life’s trials, struggles and pain while being a reminder of rebirth and grace.

Why is it important to have a symbol of faith?  Your faith and grace live within you.  No piece of metal or jewel can take that away or add to it; but it can remind you and others.  This representation that is on the outside of you also lives within.  It’s a journey, a choice and an offering all at once.

Running a business I find it easy to get lost in my day-to-day muck.  Working between children’s appointments, lunches to be made and play dates and the life of household management when you are single means that my head gets lost in the material aspects of my life.  I’m swimming in mud and, only for a moment, blind to the reality of what got me to that moment.   But, my Trinity Cross reminds me that I’m all here and my faith lives and is as bright as ever!

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