1. Why [not] me?

    By Coleen Ball April 28, 2010 a mother's love, family love Leave A Comment

    Did one more person say a prayer today? Did one more person let go and let God? I don’t know. With such a difficult day behind me, and the company of my beautiful son beside me, can I be strong enough to say, “Why not me?”?

  2. A TRINITY PILLAR OF HOPE, Running Hope Through America

    By Coleen Ball April 27, 2010 Lisa Smith-Batchen, marathon Leave A Comment

    “The Run Through America is about holding onto hope”, says Coleen, “No matter what your journey is here on Earth, hope is eternal”.

  3. Got Inspiration?

    By Coleen Ball April 21, 2010 Brian, grief Leave A Comment

    Inspiration can come from anything.  As I sit and write this I have to dig a little deeper for the courage to say what needs to be said and have everyone listen.  My tool:  Inspiration, of course! If you’ve been searching for a miracle, large or small, you’ve hit the nail on the head by read more »