1. The Power of Prayer & Meditation

    By Coleen Ball May 13, 2010 donation, God Leave A Comment

    I have now learned you don’t have to ask just for a miracle, saying Thanks is a prayer too. I find that it doesn’t matter what I’m praying about, or how I do it, what matters is the connection that I feel in my heart while I’m praying. If I can find a quiet place to be, that’s great; a quiet head leads to a louder prayer!

  2. Mother’s Day Wrap Up: UnPerfect is a Perfect 10!

    By Coleen Ball May 10, 2010 children, gift Leave A Comment

    Now that Mother’s Day is over, it’s time for us mothers to thank our children for their great appreciation. Not all of them get it “perfect”. Maybe they tried to make you dinner but it burned, maybe they all tried to get along but they fought, maybe they were late. And really, none of it matters because at the end of the day you were together.

  3. Mother’s Day Check List: No Presents, Only Presence Required!

    By Coleen Ball May 9, 2010 celebrating Mother's Day, hope Leave A Comment

    Following is a quick check-list that doesn’t involve presents, flowers, cards, or anything of a material nature. It’s simply the gift of authentic Love, from child to Mother that every mother longs for on Mother’s Day, or any other…

  4. Understanding the Trinity

    By Coleen Ball May 7, 2010 Aids Orphans Rising, Lisa Smith-Batchen Leave A Comment

    Our first Dreamchaser Foundation/Running Hope Through America & Trinity Cross, has been sold!
    Yea for teamwork!

  5. Today Is National Day Of Prayer!

    By Coleen Ball May 6, 2010 Draw me, Drive me Leave A Comment

    Today is National Day of Prayer, and although some of us pray everyday, maybe even several times a day, it’s so wonderful to have a specific day that honors the gift of prayer.

  6. Miracles Float on Hope

    By Coleen Ball May 5, 2010 Brian, hope Leave A Comment

    Our online community is so wonderful! Visually, in my head, I can see all of the amazing people out there; their words are spinning beautiful patterns of interest and inspiration in my mind.

  7. Faith, Family & Friends

    By Coleen Ball May 3, 2010 Brian, faith Leave A Comment

    I’m ever grateful to my family, friends and community that support me through my life, good or bad. My ideal friendship is manifest in my life, right now. Perhaps if we all look around we can say the same, I hope so.


    By Coleen Ball May 1, 2010 Create a Miracle, friendship Leave A Comment

    Having faith in miracles is like having faith in God. We know that God exists, and when we open our eyes we can see his reflection in everything and everyone around us. Miracles can be masked by the mundane, but if you look closely enough… they’re everywhere!