1. How Love Inspires Hope In The Face Of Fear

    By Coleen Ball June 8, 2010 a mother's love, love inspires hope Leave A Comment

    Is it true that love conquers all?   We’ve heard it over and over, and sometimes it can seem like a long road filled with fear and doubt that stumps us from reaching the healing that we need, the goal that we promised ourselves we would reach, or some other milestone that we’re attempting to get read more »

  2. 7 Guidelines To Raising Wise Children

    By Coleen Ball June 4, 2010 Brian, family love Leave A Comment

    I was reading Lisa’s blog post the other day about how the most intelligent people she meets these days are children.  Having five incredibly intelligent children of my own, I have to agree.  There’s something wise about innocence – it sees clearly. My son Brian has been through a lot.  He has experienced pain most read more »

  3. Brian’s Run — A Leap of Faith!

    By Coleen Ball June 2, 2010 Brian's Run, Lisa Smith-Batchen Leave A Comment

    Many of you have read that my son Brian and I went to Texas to visit Running Hope Through America. We had a great time! Brian was so inspired by Lisa and her team that he decided that when RHTA comes to Arizona, he will have friends represent him, running as many miles as they can, while being sponsored by their family and friends. Brian feels passionate about helping out.

  4. Not Just Another Day Off: Soldiers Everywhere Provide Worldwide Inspiration & Hope

    By Coleen Ball May 30, 2010 Coleen, connected Leave A Comment

    Memorial day is one of those holidays that I didn’t used to pay much attention to as a kid – I was just glad to have the extra day off from school.  But, things are a little different now. After going through my own personal hardships as an adult, I realize the importance of remembering read more »

  5. Three Ways to Invest in Your Dreams!

    By Coleen Ball May 25, 2010 family, Father Mitchell Leave A Comment

    So now, even though the graduation ceremony has taken place – hats have been thrown and parents, children and teachers have rejoiced in the fact that their young ones will fly the coup – the metamorphosis that takes place into adulthood, in real time, hasn’t ensued.

  6. The Meaning of the Cross Unfolds

    By Coleen Ball May 22, 2010 broken trinity, car cross Leave A Comment

    “Everything comes back to the cross, “ she says. “Because Jesus was crucified for something he didn’t do, and accepted his suffering with such dignity and grace, through our own lives we can meditate on that teaching and it will guide us through all of life.”

  7. Brian Says THANK YOU… and Let’s go for One Million!

    By Coleen Ball May 18, 2010 Brian, Lisa Smith-Batchen Leave A Comment

    Thank you to the entire Running Hope Through America (RHTA) team for having Brian and I in Dallas on Sunday. Each and every one of you made it a day filled with inspiration that we will never forget! Brian rolled along in his wheelchair beside Sister Mary Beth Lloyd and Lisa Smith-Batchen, while runners pushed.  read more »

  8. Texas… Here We Come!

    By Coleen Ball May 15, 2010 Brian, Coleen Rossi Leave A Comment

    Thank you Lisa… Brian and I are so excited to see you on Sunday, and share in your efforts of inspiration reaching beyond what’s right in front of us to build a bridge of hope that can, and will, inspire thousands!